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Robin talks about growing up in the midwest, majoring in psychology, moving to Colorado, and her work in the lesbian community of Colorado. Oral Histories/2021 Oral Histories/Julia Condolora/6.19.21 Interview/zoom_0.mp4
Julia Condolora talks about growing up in New York, knowing she was transgender from a young age, getting married, moving to Colorado, coming out as a trans woman within her marriage, and navigating those dynamics. As well as more generally life for… Gerash/Jerry Gerash Interviews/Gerash Zoom Meeting 6.26.2020/zoom_0.mp4
Jerry Gerash talks about growing up in California, being Jewish, going to Berkley, becoming a lawyer, establishing the Gay Coalition of Denver, and becoming an activist and leader in the Denver LGBTQ community. Oral Histories/2021 Oral Histories/Fran and Ana Simon/7.25.21 - Marriage OH (2007 - 2014)/zoom_0.mp4
Fran and Anna Simon talk about being jewish, finding love, and being among the first married same-sex couples in Colorado Oral Histories/2021 Oral Histories/Craig Dietz/9.5.21 Oral History/zoom_0.mp4
Craig Dietz talks about growing up in the mountains, being LGBTQ and Jewish, and his work in LGBTQ Jewish circles. Oral Histories/2020 Oral Histories/Chocolate Waters Oral History/Chocolate Waters 10.24.2020/zoom_0.mp4
Chocolate Waters talks about being a poet, founder of the feminist newspaper Big Mama Rag, and her life in New York City and growing up in Pennsylvania. Oral Histories/2020 Oral Histories/Chester MacQuary Oral History 7.3.2020/Chester MacQuary Interview 1.5.20/Chester McQuary Part 1.MP3
Chester MacQuary talks about growing up in Colorado, owning a gay book store, and work in the American Friends Service Committee Oral History/2016 Oral History/2016 Spring Oral Histories/Pheonix,Wren Davis/RenDavisPheonixpt1backup.MP3
Wren talks about her experiences with music, women's music, and the history of women loving women in Colorado. Oral Histories/2017 Oral Histories/2017 Oral History Winter/Arndt,William/William ArndtPart 1.MP3
William Arndt talks about growing up in Boulder and his work for the University of Colorado at Boulder, in addition to the history of Boulder's LGBTQ community.
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