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Women’s Activism: Profiles in Dissent


This exhibit focuses on the stories of queer women through five major movements. These movements are women's suffrage, disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment, and reproductive rights. While many of these movements are intimately connected and share activists between them, the focus here is to not only give the general history of these movements, but to highlight the involvement of queer women and women of color.

From Laura Hershey to Loretta Ross, queer women and women of color played both major and minor roles in the women's movement, and pushed forward other social movements as well. This exhibit diverts from the more common emphasis on white, cisgender, heterosexual women by celebrating the significant contributions and enduring legacies of queer women and women of color to help inspire future activism for many years to come. 

Click here to view photos from the opening reception for the exhibition at The Center on Colfax on January 25, 2023.