Lavender Hill: Then and Now

Where there are people, there have always been queer people.

Lavender Hill is Denver’s queer cultural district.

With the formation of the Lavender Hill Queer Cultural District, activists once again are embracing the color lavender to celebrate our queer heritage. Many contemporary queer community resources, such as The Center on Colfax, find a home within the newly formed district. Cheesman Park and other historic sites in the local neighborhoods continue to be important to Denver’s contemporary queer communities. This exhibit represents a few important locations that are part of Lavender Hill Queer Cultural District and help tell the story of Denver’s rich queer history, from its early days through today.

Explore Lavender Hill's historic sites using the map below and by clicking through the exhibit.


This exhibit was created as a collaboration between the Lavender Hill Cultural District and the Colorado LGBTQ History Project of The Center on Colfax. Contributors include David Duffield, Rex Fuller, Zach Kotel, Phil Nash and Ashley Schoenbauer. The exhibit was designed by Zach Kotel.