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  • Collection: Oral Histories Oral History/2016 Oral History/2016  Fall Oral Histories/Phariss,Tracy/Tracy Phariss.jpg
Tracy Phariss talks about growing up in Colorado, being out at the School of Mines, work in education as an LGBTQ teacher, and founding Gay Straight Alliances in Colorado. Oral Histories/2017 Oral Histories/2017 Summer Oral History/Schasane,Tom/Tom Schasane Part 1.MP3
Tom Schasane talks about his life travels, activism, anti-war work, and growing up in Florida. Oral Histories/Scardina,Tina/Tina Scardina Part 1.MP3
Tina Scardina talks about her work in city government, on LGBTQ issues like the domestic partnerships, and Amendment 2. Oral Histories/Wilson,Tim/Tim Wilson Part 1.MP3
Tim Wilson talks about growing up in West Virgininia, his work in activism, Black and White Men Together, as well as being a funeral director.

Tim Gill_April 2020.jpg
Tim Gill is the founder and creator of the Gill Foundation, Quark, and has supported the LGBTQ people of Colorado for many years. In this oral history he talks about growing up in Denver, as well what it was like to go work the Gay Liberation Front… Oral Histories Spring/2015 Oral Histories Spring/Schook,Tea/TeaShookPart1.MP3
Tea Schook talks about growing up in the Midwest, finding a lesbian collective in college, feminism, her work on the Anti-Discrimination Ordinances in Denver, her run for governor and work int the Democratic party, and Amendment 2, Oral Histories/Tull,Tara/Tara Tull Part 1.MP3
Tara Tull talks about growing up travelling abroad, her activism and school in Boulder, work in women loving women community, and her work at Metro State. History Files Fall 2015/Oral History Files Fall 2015/Michaels, Sue Anne/Sue Anne Michaels Backup.MP3
Sue Anne Michaels talks about her life growing up in Arvada, becoming a law enforcement officer, her journey in gender transition, a federal court case, and her marriage. Oral Histories/Proctor,Sheri/Sheri Proctor Part 1.MP3
Sheri Proctor talks about her life growing up mormon, realizing she was transgender, and her activism in transition.
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