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Bill Olson Oral History
Bill Olson talks about his life growing up on Chicago, joining the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, and living through the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Andy Maxwell Oral History
Andy Maxwell grew came to Colorado in the 1950s, attended the Denver Area Mattachina Society, and talks about his life in business.

Annie Brenman-West Oral History
Annie Brenman-West talks about her life in Denver, as well as her work with the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire.

Beth Kahmann Oral History
This oral history talks about Beth Kahmann being a teacher, growing up being a woman loving woman, and survivor of traumatic brain injury.

Bill Threlfall Oral History
Bill Threllfall talks about owning his family newspaper and gay life from the 1960s to 2010

BJ Dyer Oral History
BJ talks about his life in Denver, going to DU, and being the owner of an LGBTQ business.

Bob Janowski Oral History
Bob talks about growing up in New York, meeting his partner Phil Nash, being an out doctor, as well as the murder of Irene De Soto

Bob Moore Oral History
Bob Moore talks about his life in ministry and the founding of the Denver Gay Men's Chorus (DGMC), as well as his life in music as well transformative moments like witnessing Kent State massacre in 1970.

Bob Vitaletti Oral History
Bob Vitaletti talks about growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania as well as becoming an psychologist, and working in Denver through the HIV/AIDS crisis as well as meeting his husband Joe and political work.

Brandi Roberts Oral History
Brandi Roberts talks about her life as an entertainer, her family, and going through her journey as a transwoman.
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